Programs for Florida USA Region

Palm Beach County Shambhala

Writing is for Everyone!

March 13th—December 4th

Writing, like meditation, is a solitary act that benefits greatly from practice with others. Come join us in exploring what happens when meditation gets involved with writing. Drawing on the work of Natalie Goldberg (Writing Down the Bones), Continue »

St. Petersburg/Tampa Shambhala Meditation Center

Four Foundations of Mindfullness and the Practice of Awareness

with Shastri Gayle Van Gils, Shastri Will Ryken, Eric Rainbeau, Gerard Van Gils

September 8th—October 20th

We will study teachings on the four foundations of mindfullness and Vipashyana Continue »

Gainesville Shambhala Meditation Group

Second Noble Truth -- The Origin of Suffering, Part II: Wheel of Life, Karma, and the Twelve Nidanas.

September 9th—December 2nd

Drawing from the contemporary insights of our Shambhala Buddhist lineage, we will tread the ancient path of the Budd Continue »

Gainesville Shambhala Meditation Group

What is Real? Basic Goodness 3 (ONLINE)

with John Rockwell & Dr. Jan Snyder

September 20th—October 25th

The third and final course of the Basic Goodness Series asks the question, "What is real?" and explores various approaches to it. How do we know what is real? How might we begin to ask this question in a way that is meaningful for our everyday lives? Continue »

Gainesville Shambhala Meditation Group

Community Conversation - Caring for Each Other

with Irina Deffente Migliari & Jim Fladmark

September 26th

This presentation and conversation will focus on the current Shambhala Code of Conduct and Policies, which is relevant to our local center and important for each of us to know about. Continue »

Gainesville Shambhala Meditation Group

Belonging to Shambhala

with Shastri Janet Bronstein & Ronald Renz

October 5th

This gathering, which will replace our usual Tuesday evening meditation session, will be facilitated by Shastri Janet Bronstein, and Ron Renz of the Shambhala Process Team, specifically for our Shambhala Gainesville sangha. Continue »

Gainesville Shambhala Meditation Group

Saturday Night Live: Dharma (Online) Uncertainty

with Susan Pollak

October 16th

Susan M. Pollak, MTS, Ed.D. is a psychologist in private practice in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She is a longtime student of meditation and yoga who has been integrating the practices of meditation into psychotherapy since the 1980s. Continue »

Gainesville Shambhala Meditation Group

Saturday Night Live: Dharma (Online) Eight Steps for Racial Reconciliation

with Dr. K.A. Shakoor

November 13th

Dr. Shakoor will discuss eight steps, or points, a person or community can follow to bring about racial harmony. This concept can be applied in all situations where the potential of conflict is eminent Continue »

Gainesville Shambhala Meditation Group

Your Life Matters with Dr. K.A. Shakoor (Anytime: Self-guided)

January 1st (2022)

Welcome to Your Life Matters, a series of talks on anti-racism and Buddhist teachings by Dr. K. A. Shakoor. Continue »